Create a new employee

How to create a new employee and what do I take into account?

  1. Determine start date
  2. Pick default employee
  3. Add other available information

Determine start date

In Nmbrs it's very important to create a new employee on the exact start date of the employment. Changing this date afterwards can be very hard for a user. Please let the user manually define the start date for the employee's new employment, if this date can't be defined with any certainty based on information in your application .

Pick default employee

Due to the fact that most of your applications do not contain any payroll specific settings or data, we require a default employee template ID. Practically all Nmbrs user make use of "default employee templates". A default employee template is a predefined set of payroll and social security settings. This set of settings can be extended by the user for specific companies. In that case even schedules, reservations, branch schemes and wage components will be added. 

The "Default employee templates" available for a company can be requested with the company service: DefaultEmployeeTemplates_GetByCompany

The default employee template description can be used to show the user the available templates. Only the ID is required for the employee service Employee_InsertBasedOnDefault

Add other available information

The response for request Employee_InsertBasedOnDefault will give back the ID for the created employee. Depending on the available settings or data in your application, you can now add and change settings and data for the newly create employee.


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