Single Sign-On Service Flow (SSO)

With the SSO Service, you can build an auto-login application to Nmbrs.

Step 1 - Get an Access token

You can use the SSO service to request an access token. For this, you have to supply a valid Nmbrs user account email and password/token.

To get a temporary access token based on your username and API token (fetched from the user interface) you use the Single Sign On Service call "GetToken2".

Want to know how to set up an API token? See this page.

Step 2 - Make a call to our login page

You can send the received access token to our login page in order to access the Nmbrs environment.



  • "nmbrs_environment" is your Nmbrs subdomain, for example, "login" (
  • "access-token" is the authentication token fetched on the previous step.

Please be aware of the fact that the access token is only valid for 30 seconds.





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