SoapUI (do your first API call)

SoapUI is a tool to execute and test API calls, but is also a good start when you're not familiar with API. We strongly advice to first read the Getting started API article, before starting your first API call.

Below I will show you how to make you're first API call.

Get SoapUI from the website: and install this application.

Further you need a user account in Nmbrs with a token, how to get a tolken see: How to get an API token

In the example below we will demonstrate a company call to get all the companies from one debtor. The call used for this is: List_GetAll

  1. Retrieve WSDL from the Nmbrs API
  2. Open SoapUI
  3. Execute the call

Fetch the WSDL from the Nmbrs API

You can get the WSDL through and then go to CompanyService,

When you click on Service Description yo get the WSDL, this is the URL from the link:


Now we have the information to make our first API call

  • email from Nmbrs user:
  • token from Nmbrs: c4b63bdec579468aa015e6647bbffb7d
  • WSDL:


Open SoapUI

  • Go go to and open "New SOAP Project".
  • Fill in the WSDL url in "Initial WSDL".
  • click on OK.



Execute your first API call (CompanyService)

All the available company services will be loaded.

Next go to the List GetAll and double click or press enter on "Request 1"

This Request 1 will be loaded in an new screen as shown below:


Replace the question marks with you username (email) and Token.

If this data is filed in, press the green "play button" just below "Request 1" as shown below:


After executing this call, the next screen you will see the requested data from this call.



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