How to integrate Zendesk with Nmbrs?

For the integration between Zendesk and Nmbrs it is needed to have a zendesk account configured in advance. You can access your Zendesk environment by https:/*/yourdomain* In your Zendesk environment you first need to activate some (further detailed) settings to realise the integration with Nmbrs. Make also sure that you have access to “Zendesk ” settings within the Nmbrs interface.


1. Go to your Zendesk Admin (gear wheel)
2. Go to API to create a new API token. Go to Token access, add a new token (a name for that token is also needed) and make sure you copy the token to your clipboard. After that, you have to save the settings.Once that token is saved, there is no way to get this information again.

3. Go to the security settings to “Admin & Agents tab” and select the Single sign-on (SSO) then you have to select “JSON Web Token” and make sure you copied the “shared secret”. Please make sure that you save the settings again.The token is a shared secret between you and Zendesk. It must never be published.4. Get your Nmbrs setting own organization ID. Get this reference from zendesk URL on the browser, for that navigate to own organization by clicking on the icon on top right and then on view profile then copy your zendesk organization number at the end of the URL into Nmbrs settings - the numeric reference.


1. Go to "My Account"

2. Go to "Zendesk Settings"
3. Click on “New Settings” button to see the needed information.
4. Create new settings with the information that you already collected from your Zendesk settings. The domain is the link to your Zendesk environment, for example https:/*/yourdomain* The username and password are the credentials that you need to sign in to your Zendesk environment. If you want to enable the daily automatic synchronization, please mark “dagelijks automatisch synchroniseren”. The own organization ID is optional. 

After completing the Zendesk settings with the previous settings collected, there is also a possibility to sync manually your organizations or user accounts via Nmbrs. Please go to the dashlet “Synchronize” and select your preferred synchronization. After this synchronization the users organizations (Nmbrs Debtors) should be displayed in Zendesk.




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