What is Default Employee Template?

Default employee template is being used to automate manual employee creation process. Settings, such as, SVW and wage tax will be automatically set according to default employee template. 

To get default employee templates use operation DefaultEmployeeTemplates_GetByCompany from CompanyService

On master level it is possible to set up SVW and wage tax settings for an employee.

On company level it is possible to set up:

  • Schedule
  • Turn on/off the industry schemes for an employee
  • Wage components
  • Turn on/off the reservations for an employee

For more information about default employee template see Default Medewerker.


In te method DefaultEmployeeTemplates_GetByCompany you only need to insert your username, token and CompanyId. How to get CompanyId

If the operation is a success you will get all DefaultEmployeeTemplateId's and with the belonging description. 

ID of master default employee template begins with an exclamation mark.

ID of company default employee template is just a number without an exclamation mark.


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