Wagetax enumerations

Wagetax <loonheffing>

API code Description
true Wagetax is applied
false Wagetax is not applied

Wage tax/ reduced fare <Loonheffingkorting>

API code Description
true Wage tax/ reduced fare is applied
false Wage tax/ reduced fare is not applied

Advantage rule <Voordeelreg>

API code Description
true Advantage rule is applied
false Advantage rule is not applied

Color table <KleurTabel>

API code Description
1 White
2 Green

Period table <TijdvakTabel>

API code Description
2 Month table
3 Week Table
4 4-Week Table
5 Day table

Special table <SpecialeTabel>

API code Description
0 None
3 A/G Employee Insurance Obligation Only
5 B/H Employee Wage Tax Obligation Only
6 C/I Employee Wage Tax Obligation and No Insurance Obligation Wlz
7 D/J Employee Wage Tax Obligation and Insurance Obligation Wlz Only
210 Contractors, Homeworkers and Equivalents
220 Domestic Artist or Professional Athlete
221 Foreign Artist or Professional Athlete
224 Foreign Artist Groups or Sports Teams
225 Foreign Artist Reduced Rate Based on Min. Agreement
226 F/L Employee No Wage Tax Obligation and Insurance Obligation Wlz Only
227 K Employee No Wage Tax Obligation and Insurance Obligation ANW Only
228 E Employee No Wage Tax Obligation and Insurance Obligation AOW/ANW Only
280 Student Conditions
940 52%-Rate Anonymous Employee
999 Other Cases No Table Applied

Income type <SoortInkomen>

API code Description
11 Wage or salary officials Public Service Law 1929
12 Wage and salary employees subsidized or budgeted institutions, including implementing Agency social security ZFS
13 Wage or Salary Directors of NV / BV, Insured for Employee Insurances
14 Wage or salary other employees Not Insured by Law on Occupational Disability Insurance
15 Wage and salary Employees not listed
17 Wage or Salary Directors of NV / BV, Not Insured for Employee Insurances
18 Redundancy of a Government Institution
21 Pensions, Annuities, etc. (not 23 (War and Resistance Pensions)
22 Payment AOW
23 War and Resistance Pensions
24 Payment ANW
31 Payment ZW and Voluntary ZW
32 Payment WAO and private insurance disease, disability and accident
33 Payment nWW
34 Payment IOAW
35 Continuation Payment nWW
36 Payment WAZ
38 Concurrence (simultaneously or sequentially) Payment WAJONG with WAZ or WAO
39 Payment IVA
40 Payment WGA
42 Payment Bbz
43 Payment WWB
45 Payment IOAW
46 Supplementary Benefits Law
50 Payment other Social Security Laws incl. Accident Laws 1921, 1922 and 1919
52 Payment Law on Income Provisions for Older unemployed

Special annual salary rate <JaarloonBT>

API value  Description
amount The yearly estimated employee income including reservation(s), example: 25000.00

Different special rate (optional) <AfwBijzTariefLH>

API value  Description
percentage the special rate percentage, example: 43.00

Vacation-vouchers <VakantieBonnen>

API value  Description
0 No Holiday Vouchers
1 Holiday Vouchers < 20 Holidays
2 Holiday Vouchers > 20 Holidays

30% Arrangement <CodeCalc30PercRule>

API value  Description
0 None
1 Gross Deduction / Net Compensation
2 Reduced Salary / Net Compensation




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