Nmbrs® API update 10-03-2016

The API Version 2.1 has been updated. In this update we did an improvement and solved few bugs. 


We added a new line <Dossiernr>for method Absence_GetList. This line provides the dossier number of an absence of an employee. 

Bugs solved

Invalid Employee (2003) error is solved for method BankAccount_InsertCurrent

When a salary table or a hours model is applied to a company the right value is returned in the line <value>, instead of a zero, in method Salary_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany.

Right company schedule is set for an employee when using the line <CompanyRoosterNr> in methods Schedule_Update or Schedule_UpdateCurrent.

On the Nmbrs update of 10-03-2016 we corrected the output of the <date> line for our own Journaal Nmbrs XML. It returns the creation date of the XML instead of the current date. Also the line <period> is corrected. It returns the period in which the journals were created instead of the current period of the company. The methods below will provide you with this XML.




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