Nmbrs® API update 27-05-2016

The API Version 2.1 has been updated yesterday. We would like to inform you about new methods and solved bugs.

New methods

We added new method HourComponent_Update on Employee Service. Use this method to update a variable or a fixed hour component. In case of a fixed hour component the parameters <EndYear> and <EndPeriod> inside the method can be specified. If the period is before the company's current period, unprotected mode flag is required, else a TWK exception is thrown. Parameters <CostCenterId>, <Comment>, <DocumentName> and <Attachment>are optional. 

Bugs solved

When using method WageComponentVar_Get or WageComponentVar_GetCurrent id's of the wage components were always 0 (zero). Now the methods are returning the right i'd of the wage components. 





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