Time registration scenario (NL)

The time registration scenario is a scenario when you want to send wage and hour components and days for employees. These components will be taken into the upcoming run. This article will provide you with general information about what you will have to take into account. 

When starting with this scenario we assume that SoapUI (do your first API call) is known and we recommend to read the following articles regarding the Nmbrs® basics:

Data Flow 

Usually, there is a two-way flow between Nmbrs® and the time registration integrations, in which the connected software retrieves employee data and sends hours data to Nmbrs. 

Nmbrs® is the system of records for employee data, which means that all the information regarding employee salary, contracts and schedule is recorded and managed in Nmbrs and then synchronized to the planning software.

The hours are registered in the planning software and inserted in Nmbrs® as hour components.


Next, we advise reading the following topics regarding more in-depth knowledge of the functional design of Nmbrs®.

  1. Debtor, company and employee
  2. Schedule of an employee
  3. Wage and hour components
  4. Wage and hour model

Debtor, company and employee

Before you are going to send the information you have to know the employees, companies and debtors. 

Most data is usually retrieved per company, which is necessary to keep the date in your software in sync with the data modified in Nmbrs:

Retrieve all employee data per company:

  • PersonalInfo_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany
  • Address_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany
  • Contract_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany
  • Salary_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany
  • Schedule_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany

Schedule of an employee

Every employee in Nmbrs has to have a schedule. According to the schedule, the salary will be calculated. There are three types of employees:

  1. Full time employee is an employee with the schedule the same as company schedule. 
  2. Part-time employee is an employee with a schedule less than company schedule. His schedule can not be zero. 
  3. Employees without a schedule. If an employee is working not on a regular basis he has to have a schedule where all hours are zero. 

To get the company schedule see method from Company Service below:

For all schedule methods of an employee search for "Schedule" on Employee Service.

Wage and hour components

When integrating with Nmbrs® there are mainly 2 cases when you are going to send information.

  • Sending hour components, you will have to send the days as well.

For hour component methods search for "HourComponent" and for days, methods search for "Days" on Employee Service.

  • Sending wage components

For employee wage component methods search for "WageComponent" on Employee Service.

For company wage component methods search for "WageComponent" on Company Service

Note: wage and hour components and days can be fixed or variable. Once a fixed component is inserted, it will be automatically inserted by the system every period until the given end period or if the component is deleted. Variable components will only appear once in a period. 

For more information about inserting components Looncomponenten invoeren (dutch only). 

Wage and hour model

The last step in time registration scenario is to connect the right wage and hour components from your system to a company in Nmbrs®. 

For more information about wage and hour model see Loonmodel aanmaken aanpassen op tabblad Instellingen (dutch only) and Urenmodel aanmaken op tabblad Instellingen (dutch only).


Additional calls

These are the basic set of calls to connect a planning software to Nmbrs. More calls can be used as needed, just check the API Reference.


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