Creating and modifying the wage model in Settings tab


Wage models

1. Go to the settings tab.

2. Click on Wage models which can be found at the Master Payroll settings.

Wage models

If you do not have a wage model yet or if you want to create a new one:

1. Click on the Wage models tab.

2. Click on 'Add new wage model'Wage models.

If you want to delete a wage model, you can also do this here by using the cross icon at the end of the row. The relevant wage model will first have to be unlinked in the Payroll settings (see below in this article).

Master Wage Model

Give the new Wage Model a name and number. Then click 'Save'.

Selecting Wage Codes

1. Click on the Wage Codes tab.

2. You can select a new wage code here by clicking on 'Select wage codes'. Selecting a New Wage Code.

Selecting a New Wage Code

Click on the wage code that you want to add, then click 'Save'.

View Added Wage Codes

1. Click on the wage code that you have just added.

2. Here you will find the details about the wage code.

You can also change the description, details and base value here.

For more information about modifying the detail value, click here.

Company Settings

Go to the Settings tab on company level.

Click on Wage Model in the paryoll settings.

Wage Model at Company Level

Select the correct wage model and click 'Save'.

Adding the Wage code to the Correct Employee

Click on the employee for whom you want to add the wage code.

Go to the Wage Components dashboard and click on the plus sign below 'Fixed wage components' or 'Variable wage components'.

Adding the Wage Component

1. Look for the correct wage code and click this.

2. Provide a value for the wage component.

3. If applicable, provide an end date for the fixed wage component.

4. Click on 'Add'.

Deleting Wage models

If you want to delete a wage model in Nmbrs, you can do this by clicking on the wage model in the Wage Model tab.
Below the wage models there is a small 'X'. Click on this to delete the wage model.

If there is a dash, it means the wage model is being used by the company.